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I am the Defendant. I state the following in response to Plaintiff's claims:
The plaintiff is not my landlord.
My landlord did not give me proper notice that my lease or rental agreement was terminated or that i had to move before filing this lawsuit.
My landlord terminated my lease without a valid reason.
i do not owe any rent to my landlord.
I offered to pay my rent on or before the date i usually pay, but my landlord refused to accept it.
My landlord would not accept my rent and the cost of this warrant.
My landlord failed to repair the property. this failure has lowered its value or resulted in other damages more than the rent claimed.
My landlord is not entitiled to evict me or secure a money judgement for the following additional reason:

My landlord owes me $ for the following reason(s):
My landlord failed to repair my property. Due to this failure, it's value has been reduced $  each month for month(s).
Since my landlord failed to make requested repairs, I made these repairs that cost $ 
My landlord failure to repair resulted in damages of $ to my person/property.